Full Service

Full service is intended for writers who want an editor to review their content, organization, and style as well as assistance with their grammar, mechanics, and punctuation. The focus is on both the content and the grammar/mechanics of the manuscript, so please allow for plenty of time when opting for the full service package.


Copyediting is for those who do not need major edits on the content of their manuscript and want an editor to focus on the grammar, mechanics, punctuations, and consistency within the text (do you always spell gray with an “a”?”).

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing focuses on content, organization, style, pacing, character, and story structure. This package is designed for those who are not concerned with grammar and mechanics and want to focus mainly on the content of the manuscript.


Proofreading is designed to be a “last step” for writers who simply want an editor to look for typos, grammar and mechanics issues, and punctuation errors but with less intensity than with copyediting.

Copywriting – Personal

Do you want to write something for a special occasion but don’t have the right words? This package is designed for those who are seeking help with personal writing, such as letters or memoirs.

Copywriting – Business

If you’re looking for someone to write a business ad, content for a marketing campaign, blog content, or any other professional or business writing service, this is the package for you!